Message board

Originally I was going to try to set up some sort of message board but my computing skills don't allow me to do that at the moment. I also thought I could include a list of names and e-mails of people from the S.H.S who have been in touch, but for reasons of e-mail spamming and general 'security' that isn't such a good idea [although I am told an image of a page of e-mail addresses is possibly ok, I would have to get everyone's permission and then do a new image every time I wanted to add new addresses or change anything].

So - with that idea out of the window I decided that I will post the link here to the Facebook page that Hugh Lorimer set up in December 2012 which has about 33 members at the moment, but this may help get more to join. So if you want to see what your old S.H.S colleagues are up to join the Facebook page. For those who do not use Facebook I will gradually compile a list of people that I have been in contact with, and if possible include their expeditions and put them on here alphabetically. If you want to contact anyone on the list I will forward your e-mail address to that person and they can decide whether to reply.

But for now, here is the Facebook group page. If the link goes dead, search Schools Hebridean Society on Facebook.!/groups/393518590733157/

Below are a list of names of people who I have been in contact with. I haven't had time yet to work out their expeditions but will add those later.  Obviously there may be people with the same name on different expeditions. To avoid e-mail spamming or any other computer annoyance I won't publish the e-mail addresses here but if you want to contact any of the people I've tracked down, then contact me and I'll pass your details on to them.

Abbott John
Ashmore  Steve
Bannier-King Tiffany
Belderson Martin
Bohin Chris
Bougeard Richard
Broom David
Broughton Bruno 
Burgess Joanna
Butler Roger
Butterworth Richard
Buxton Ben
Charrier Marrie Anne
Clegg Brian
Coultas Nigel
Courtman John
Creese Andrew
Cunliffe-Lister Michael
Davidson Duncan
Davidson Duncan
Deeley Dave
Deeley David
Dobson Hans
Earnshaw Ian
Ensch Robert
Evison Alan
Fawcett Mary
Firbank Nick
Forsaith Peter
Fountaine Toby
Frith Martin
Geeson Terence
Giavarini Vince
Gibbison John
Glover Gyles
Goddard Kevin
Gooberman-Hill Rachael
Griffiths Bryn
Hancock Roger
Harness Peter
Harness Tim
Hart Piers
Hart Christopher N Gascoine
Haxeltine Alex
Hayler Kevin
Henschel Giles
Hobbs Stephen
Hutchison John
Jones David Lennard
Jungius Ian
Kar Sharmila
Kramer Graham
Le Seur Richard
Lelijveld Hubert
Lewandowski Ron
Light Richard
Lorimer Simon
Lorimer Hugh
MackSmith Steve
MacPherson Jenny
Marshall Gary
Marshall Gary
McDermott Rob
Moninski Mark
Morris Dave
Oetiker Martin
Owen Richard
Padfiels Nigel
Payne Doug
Paynter Steve
Pitts Collette
Pollard Simon
Pratley Martin
Rayne Mark
Riba Alex
Ringrow John
Ritter Simon
Rivers Neil
Sagar Alan
Savage Glyn
Scother Graham
Showan Nick
Smith Angela
Southall Humphrey
Spours Peter
Squance Phil
Stredder David
Surrell Greg
Swann Ian
Thompson Patrick
Turff Martin
Venning Christopher
Walker Steven
Waltho Chris
Ward Helen
Ward Andrew
Weatherly Roger
Williams Jason
Williamson Melanie