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I went on five expeditions to the Hebrides from 1972 to 1976 with the Schools Hebridean Society, I met some great people and visited some wonderful places. Some time later, in the early 2000s when the internet was commonplace, I tried searching for the S.H.S to see what was out there. The simple answer - very little indeed. It got a line in a newsletter for one of the islands, there was a brief mention in association with an article about John Abbott, the official founder of the S.H.S, Other than that, the 20 odd years of expeditions involving 150 to 200 people a year had almost sunk without trace. I thought at the time this was very regrettable and something should be done about it! Most of those friends I'd made had moved on, and apart from those involved in the trips, nobody would know what a great experience and opportunity these expeditions had offered.

It was Autumn 2012 when I rekindled my determination to create some sort of record of my 5 trips to the Hebrides and hopefully photos and articles from others who visited different islands - or the same islands on different trips, with the S.H.S.

I set up this website and gleaned material from the annual reports that I had. For the expeditions I'd been on I had a few photos and my own memories but for this site to progress beyond just a record of my own experiences it needs lots of the gaps filling. I would love to receive anecdotes, photos and comments from anyone who was part of the S.H.S. If you feel like contributing or just leaving a message on the site for someone you remember then please get in touch using the e-mail link below.

Take a look around and to check on a specific expedition, go to the expeditions page and look down the list, if the island is hyperlinked (in blue) click on the link to be taken to the write up and photos of that trip. Any additional anecdotes or photos will be added if received.

If you visit the site and enjoyed it, please let me know, or if you were on one of the Expeditions, it would be great to hear from you.


A free advert for me! I've re-established my childhood interest in photographing flora and fauna, especially avian fauna using a small inexpensive but powerful 'bridge camera'.  If only we'd had this technology when we were in the Hebrides!  My photos are here