S.H.S. Reports

This will eventually be the archive for any documents that I receive and scan, if you have letters, circulars, 'Newslink's' Expedition Prospectuses or other documents, that you think should be here, then please check what is here already and then let me know what you have.

A brief word about the SHS reports - I scanned the original reports with a scanner and used OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which is a marvellous thing, however it does have some failings, notably, not always recognising characters! Therefore, the final documents often had errors. One very common fault was to recognise a terminal apostrophe (') as a number 1 so there were countless examples of ... we sailed the 'Harvey Wallbanger1 ...I have, where I noticed them, corrected these mistakes but there may be many more lurking e.g. biwy instead of bivvy etc, and one I particularly enjoy is Phil Renold always seems to come out as Phil Remold! I wasn't prepared to check the spelling of each of the Gaelic names used (a lot of the spellings have changed now anyway, Rhum and Rum, Eaval on N Uist now Eabhal, are good examples). So if you spot a glaring error and it isn't obvious what it should be, let me know and I might alter it - or not?

On emptying a room to decorate it recently I came across 3 packages of SHS reports that had been 'tidied' waiting to finish scanning or to return to the kind people who loaned them to me. I had only the 1986 report to scan and convert to an editable document, that's now done and uploaded. Thanks to Steve Paynter, Ben Buxton and one other as yet unidentified person who lent me these last reports. I've now returned Steve and Ben's reports and will track down the owner of the other package soon.

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1962 Report


1963 Report


1964 Report



1965 Report


1966 Report


1967 Report


1968 Report


1969 Report Part 1

1969 Report Part2



1970 Report


1971 Report Part 1

1971 Report Part 2


1972 Report Part 1

1972 Report Part 2


1973 Report Part 1

1973 Report Part 2


1974 Report Part 1

1974 Report Part 2



1975 Report Part 1

1975 Report Part 2


1976 Report


1977 Report Part 1

1977 Report Part 2


1978 Report Part 1

1978 Report Part 2



1979 Report Part 1

1979 Report Part 2


1980 Report Part 1

1980 Report part 2


1981 Report


1982 Report


1983 Report



1984 Report



1985 Report



1986 Report


1961-1990 Final Report

Back in the Day North Uist 1972

Back in the Day Harris 1974 Back in the Day South Uist 1975


The SHS songbook

 [large file ~6mb]

I was approached to write 3 articles for 'Back in the Day' which is a monthly newspaper for the Outer Isles, these are them, as they appeared in the paper.

Below are other documents from the S.H.S, either Expedition Prospectuses, Newslink - the S.H.S news letter, and anything else I have been sent that is appropriate to publish here. I will scan and add them over a period of time - they will eventually be in some sort of order but for now they will appear as I get around to scanning them! (I have a few Society membership lists but as they contain names, addresses and telephone numbers I won't publish them - despite the fact they are anywhere over 25 years out of date - my mother is still at the same address as when I first went on an Expedition). So if you have a valid reason for wanting to see the address list, e-mail me.)

Expedition Prospectuses

 'Newslink' news letters


'Random' documents by title

Greyed out - scanning soon

     1971 From Roger Butler








1981 February edition

1986 January edition

1986 May edition 

Mingulay 1980 Circular 1

Mingulay 1980 Circular 2

Mingulay 1980 Circular 3

Mingulay 1980 'Officers' newsletter 1

Mingulay 1980 'Officers' newsletter 2

Colonsay 1973 circular

Checklist for Leaders

Memorandum for Leaders

1986 letter from P Renold re the future of SHS