Mingulay 1984

Leader: Nick Deeley

Unfortunately I have very little information regarding the Mingulay 1984 expedition. There was virtually no content in the annual report and without that I have very little to go on.

I do however have the 1984/1985 S.H.S membership list and by trawling through that I have come up with the following names that are listed as being on this expedition.

Rachael Craig, T Dawson, Ian Earnshaw, M Glynn, David Gooberman, A Haxeltine, Alison Jones, T Johnson, Sharmila Kar, Michael Kell, J Lewis, R H (Hugh) Lorimer, Paul Masters, Heidi Meister, E Micklem (Fem?) David Nightingale, P Quantrill, Gary Sage, David Smith, Howard Taylor, Kirsten Warburton, A L Wordsall (Louise).

The photos below were sent to me by Simon Lorimer, they are probably his brother Hugh's photos - he sent a mixture of several expeditions. I had originally put these on the Mingulay 1980 page but I couldn't pick out any of the people in the 1980 group photo (except Nick Deeley - who appeared to have more hair in 1980 than in these photos). It was only when I did this page that I found out that Hugh went to Mingulay in 1984 as well so I have posted them here. If you recognise anyone (well the guy in the blue shirt or red jumper!) let me know. I'm not sure about the bottom photo either, almost certainly Mingulay but could be 80 or 84?

Below - Nick Deeley digging a hole. Above and below - Alex Haxeltine (blue shirt) helps with the archaeological dig and Sharmila thinks the person in the red jumper is Alison Jones.

If you were on this trip and can offer any photos, recollections, memories or can

identify anyone else on the trip not listed above I'd be grateful.

Nick Smith

I can't remember where I got this photo so thank you to whoever it was that submitted it. I think this is Mingulay 84, if you can confirm this  (or refute it!) please get in touch.

Can you name anyone? 1)Heidi Meister? 2)Sharmila Kar 3)Alison Jones 4) 5)Nick Deeley 6) 7) David Gooberman 8) Rachel Craig? 9) Howard Taylor

20) Gary Sage

Thanks to Sharmila, Hugh and Jo for help with the naming.