Photo ID page

I decided to create this page to try to identify some of the photos that Simon and Hugh Lorimer sent me. Between them they had been on several expeditions and although some of their photos can easily be identified, many I'm struggling with. Simon scanned loads of both his own and Hugh's photos but they weren't necessarily of the same expeditions so I have lots of potentially useful photos if only I can get them identified. So - if you recognise someone or somewhere and you are fairly sure, please let me know. I will simply label them with numbers so that you can e-mail me and say "No 27 is me in N Uist 1984" or whatever.

They could be anywhere from ~1980 to ~1988 and where I spot someone in several photos I'll put them together. They are from several different expeditions.

Thanks in advance for any help!


Photo 1  Appears to be the same chap as 2 (or top at least!) Photo2 Photo3 Same chap in 3 to 6
Photo4 Photo5 He's to the left, 4th in green jacket and stocking! Photo6 The map should give it away but can't see it well.

Photo7 Someone must remember this "Do not touch, notify the police"

A sinister looking 'shell', 2 Bottles of corrosive chemicals

Photo8 are these two guys photographing 7?


Photo2 Is that a zip wire over the water? Looks pretty muddy in there.

Lots more to follow