Large photo of the Rhum expedition

My attempt at naming everyone (with the help of Nick Shown, Martin Oetiker and Richard Owen)

  1. Nick Deeley Camp administrator

  2. Rt Rev. Launcelot Flemming

  3. Roger Weatherly  Leader

  4. Paul Hillman

  5. Mark Hopwood

  6. Tim Chadwick?

  7. Chris Price

  8. Richard Owen

  9. John Courtman

  10. Lyn Renold

  11. Phil Renold

  12. Colin Gilbert (without his glasses apparently)

  13. Nick Showan

  14. Richard Lovelock (Benje)

  15. Patrick Thompson (Paddy)

  16. Dave Deeley

  17. Nick Caplin

  18. Nick Smith

  19. David Ellis

  20. Martin Oetiker

  21. Stephen Paynter

  22. Neil Hyde?

  23. Dave Morely

  24. Gavin Gordon


Those in green I'm 99% sure of!

People not named

but on the trip were :-

Dick Light
Dave Ellis
Colin Gilbert
Chris Venning



So if you can help fill in the missing people or correct my attempt, please get in touch.