1975 South Uist Photos.

From Alan Evison

The gear coming on board at Oban - I think

A lorry full of gear being delivered on S Uist

Carrying the supplies to the camp site.

Sloc Dubh at low tide.

Area of the camp site (before or after?)

 Some of the crew (Andrew Todd 2nd from left, the remainder to be identified)

Nick Smith, Mike Thirkettle and ??? purple shorts carry the inflatable out to the water.

 End of the road at Loch Aineort I think.

Andrew Todd and ??purple shorts.

The stream flowing into Sloc Dubh and the crew with the inflatable dinghy.

Dave Deeley (orange cag front) Hans Dobson Nick Smith, Nick Showan, Mick Thirkettle, Richard Owen &??

Night of the rising river, a few tents decamp to marquee.

A potential candidate for Gyles' bone collection.

Messing about on the beach.

Murder Ball behind the camp site.

Post murder ball or just tired?

Pat Thompson + others caught a salmon like this, is everyone else trying?

Last day? Marquee gone just the furniture remains.

Sitting around the camp fire, me being smoked out but safe from midges.

Just chillin with a bottle of gas.

All packed and ready to go.

The end (I'm guessing because of the state of the trousers) of the trip, at Oban.